Nilgiri Marten Spices, headquartered in Bengaluru, was founded with the vision of sourcing and delivering the finest spices India has to offer.

Our mission is to cater to the ever-growing demand for high-quality, fresh, and flavorful spices for the aspiring and discerning Indian population.

India is home to around 75 spices, with 52 of them registered with the Spice Board of India. Our goal is to procure all 52 registered spices from single-origin sources, ensuring their purity and quality. By doing so, we bring you the best of Indian spices, preserving their authentic flavors and unmatched freshness.

During our visits to pepper farms in Wayanadu, Kerala, we observed a troubling trend. Traditionally grown Telicherry Pepper vines, known for their high-quality aromatic pepper, were being rejected by farmers and traders due to their low disease resistance, high unpredictability, and lack of financial viability. Seeing these historically significant crops disappear was disheartening.
Determined to make a change, we decided to bring authentic Telicherry pepper back to the market. This became our first product.

As we expanded our research across India, we discovered an astonishing fact: some of the world's best quality spices are grown here, yet much of this excellent produce is overlooked by both customers and farmers. This rejection stemmed from poor information, lack of marketing, and the easy availability of lower-quality alternatives from both local and international sources.

To change the status quo and provide the best quality produce to the Indian market, we committed to sourcing high-quality spices from across India. Each product is selected after intensive research and scrutiny, ensuring that only the finest spices reach your kitchen.

Our Commitment:

1. Promotion of Endemic & Local Produce

We strive to promote ultra-local and endemic produce, such as Malabar Tamarind, Youngchak beans, and Kanthari Chillies. This supports local farmers and ensures that unique regional flavors are preserved and enjoyed.

At Nilgiri Marten Spices, we are dedicated to fulfilling key needs in our daily lives and the broader economy. By sourcing locally and prioritizing quality, we contribute to a more sustainable and self-reliant India. Join us on our journey to bring the richness of Indian spices from the farm to your kitchen.

2. Import Substitution

We aim to reduce dependence on foreign products. For example, the Sumac Berry powder we sell is sourced from Manipur, rather than being imported from Mediterranean nations.

3. High-Quality Produce

Each spice undergoes a meticulous selection process. They are handpicked, rigorously quality-tested, and carefully sorted or ground to perfection before being packed according to their color and size specifications. Experience the exceptional quality and flavor of our spices, crafted with care and delivered to you with integrity.