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About Us

Nilgiri Marten spices are single origin, ethically and equitably sourced, and free of synthetic flavors and chemical additives.

We carefully source our spices in small batches to ensure maximum flavor and freshness in every spoon.

We strive to bring these exceptional products directly from the hands of farmers to your kitchen shelves. Each spice undergoes a meticulous selection process, ensuring top quality.

They are handpicked, rigorously tested for quality, and meticulously sorted or ground to perfection before being carefully packed according to their color and size specifications.

We firmly uphold the following brand principles:

1. Our spices are sourced from single origins.
2. We ensure equitable and ethical sourcing of our spices.
3. Our spices are free from chemical additives.
4. We source our spices in small batches.
5. Our spices are known for their flavorful and fresh quality.

    Why are we called Nilgiri Marten Spices

    The Nilgiri marten, a small mammal native to the Western Ghats of southern India and the plantations encircling these hills, remains elusive, often seen for just fleeting moments, with the longest sightings lasting merely three minutes.

    Despite their elusive nature, they play a crucial role in our ecosystem by dispersing seeds and serving as the original pollinators of plantations.

    Inspired by the profound impact of these original pollinators on our environment, we decided to honor them by naming our company after the remarkable Nilgiri Marten.

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